Documenting Change

I started to record the process of my artwork starting in 2011.

2011 was a year of change. The economy collapsed and took parts of my life with it and in reflection I had discovered that goals of nest egg security and investment were elusive and subjective.

During this time I was painting "Lasting Providence End".

I was working through the best and worst of my thoughts in the painting--the apples everyone seems to be reaching for and the many relationships and personalities that play around the tree of life.

I was confused and let down by the promises of hard work and success. Everyone was getting fucked--good people, bad people, smart people, or dumb people; it didn't seem to matter.

Video had given audience and patience to my thoughts, because this was a story of a process as well as the outcome.

When the story of "Lasting Providence End" was told, I decided to post the video as a testament of this work.

In 2012 I decided to move the video projects forward—explore everything that this medium can provide. I created the "52 Inspired People" project as a reflection of those that inspire me. I also started the "Big Idea" project as a move to involve the audience in the creation of my art.

At first, video was self-reflection, but now I have found a new audience and inspiration for my work.