I worked as sole designer on the AAN store catalog with the help of a very talented photographer. I like to show this project as a testament to detail--the minutia. A catalog needs a clear art direction for consistency in photography and design. I like to call it 'fine tooth comb' design as opposed to 'broad brush stroke' design.

The art process was top down; I started with a brainstorming meeting to establish look, feel, and outline art direction. Attention was then made to consistent type treatment and photography. The writer played a key role in collecting content and establishing the feel of the campaign in mininal descriptions of product.

I followed the client's desire to let the product be the center of attention; care was brought to professional product photography paired with a light design with a lot of breathing room. The identity established, I translated it into store and product advertising and environmental signage for their store placed at trade show events.

Campaign Components: Logo and product Identity, Book, Brochure, Print Ads, Environmental signs and posters, Web Banners