The nearo film festival was unique in it's specific demographic. Advertised solely to the undergraduate film student, brainstorming resulted in a direction of cool, cluttered, and modern--a real testimony to their lifestyle.

The logo is to be placed boldly on a dark background as it's chemical neon green demands. The subtlety of lowercase typography is to illustrate informality and honesty to a student's hard work. Basically a really fancy way of saying we wanted it, bold, informal, and rad.

I illustrated the collage in photoshop and paid attention to the feel of bold, informal, and rad. Symbols of the film trade were used liberally and purposefully as an unabashed college student's simple statement, 'this is what I am' (film student).

Above is an example of the many flash banners for this campaign I created.

The original as3 code I wrote would cycle through the movie twice and stop on the last frame (per client's website ad specs). I added the play button for you to check out the animation at your will.

Campaign Components: Logo, Campaign Identity and guideline, Artwork/Collage, Poster, Direct Mail, Advertising, Letterhead, skin