Development and Implementation of Brand Platform, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, website, Interior/Exterior branded assets, and Marketing Assets.

XAN Thune Therapeutics is the fastest way to revolutionize human health. On the front of biotech innovation, XAN Thune Therapeutics (XAN) needed an identity that reflects their passion for the technology and their dedication to human health and survival. XAN Thune Therapeutics is a gene editing company addressing the need for treatment of life-threatening diseases.

INTEREST: This is the future of healthcare. XAN Thune Therapeutics has created a revolutionary new way to edit the genome, which could cure cancer, HIV, diabetes, and Parkinson's Disease. Our technology is changing people's lives for the better.

CHALLENGE: The company's logo and branding had to reflect their passion and dedication to human health and survival.

MOTIVATION: Given the threats posed to humanity by life-threatening diseases, we need innovation — now.

SOLVE: A solid and strong mark is used in XAN Therapeutics' new logo as a reminder that human health and survival should be our main priority. We chose to use symbolism, with the stroke representing DNA being sliced, in order to feel more inclusive. The color scheme was chosen with those goals in mind as well — blue and green for the vastness of the land and water that covers most of the Earth's surface, both of which make up holds all life of our planet, while light magenta is for all of the human organs - these are living engine parts at work.

We covered all visible elements of a brand. We had implemented an effective brand strategy beginning with an analysis on how the brand is currently perceived, proceeding by planning how the brand should be perceived to secure the company objectives.

We believe that the biotech industry's potential and progress is a true testament to the health and survival of all our fellow humans. We at HDC have been massively inspired by our clients who are pursuing success in this medical space. HDC looks forward to continuing to help our client's walk confidently into the future.

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