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The client hated his name and his mark. When Mike (Big Mack) approached HDC he had a significant challenge on his hands with his brand; his business was growing and evolving with the times, but the mark has aged poorly. This was because—what seemed like a good idea at inception—there was an image of a mouse in their logo. For a tech company, this has produced a conflicting assumption that says 'outdated' when he wants his brand to represent his passion and expertise in the newest technology.

We covered all visible elements of a brand. We had implemented an effective brand strategy beginning with an analysis on how the brand is currently perceived, proceeding by planning how the brand should be perceived to secure the company objectives.

Big Mack Tech fell into an all-too-common design choice amateurs and beginning designers make; giving the mark the job to explain what the company does. When one does this, the mark can't evolve with the industry that the business is in or product/services the business sells.

In the rebrand, we started with an agreement with the client; the new logo's job is to identify the business, not explain the business.

The second perceived challenge was another taken on when Mike named his business. Big Mack is his nick-name and he felt it was only appropriate to name his company thus. Time has proven the choice problematic. Big Mack Tech is similar enough to a fast food product to produce confusion and plenty of jokes. He had thought to rebrand himself by the acronym of his business name. Unfortunately, the acronym BMT is already well known as a sandwich combination.

Kinko's, Apple, Virgin are all company's that HDC brought to Mike's attention. If done well, Big Mack can prove an advantage for his business. Positioning himself as unique and interesting, rather than just the same as his competitors. We had decided to keep the name and move forward with a new mark and brand strategy.




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